Environmental & Restoration Consulting Fort Collins, CO

Element Building Sciences is a full service environmental & restoration consulting firm servicing Fort Collins, CO and the surrounding areas. They provide a variety of services which include customized remediation support, environmental health and safety, sustainability consulting. Indoor Air Quality, as well as laboratory analysis services. They have also developed an extensive background along with years of consulting experience in areas such as emergency planning and first response programs for major disasters. It’s all in the science which makes them the ideal choice for environmental & restoration consulting in Fort Collins, CO.

Their primary focus has always been to ensure the safety of your insured’s, employees, partners, and even contractors. Clients can rest assured that their network will be safe when working with Element Building Sciences. They can not only shield you from any liability exposure, but they also use state of the art sampling techniques that allow them to reduce error, provide faster inspections, and even lower spill risks that may be caused by the testing process. This is another reason why they are your best option for environmental & restoration consulting in Fort Collins, CO.

Element Building Sciences operates by placing an experienced Environmental Project Manager at each project site. These project managers are armed with expertise unlike any other firm in areas such as asbestos, mold, demolition fields, and lead sampling. It is because of their expertise that their services have been required for almost every setting including schools, airports, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, hotels, military installations, residential buildings, utilities, and retail stores.  They look to bring the same approach to every project which includes the experience of their highly trained professionals, their dedication to health and safety, as well as their uncompromising quality of work. They have the management, systems, equipment, and financial resources to take on a diverse range of projects under even the most stringent conditions making them the number one choice for environmental & restoration consulting in Fort Collins, CO. 

While environmental & restoration consulting in Fort Collins, CO is their primary service, they also provide a plethora of other services as listed below:

Environmental Consulting – Through Element’s development of long term relationships, their expertise and their specialized equipment, they are able to provide solutions to even the most complex issues.

Construction Materials Testing – Material sampling is what allows them to control any risks associated with the removal of construction materials. It is imperative that the results are accurate for a timely response so that they can develop a comprehensive plan for safe work practices.

Insurance Restoration Consulting – Their third-party independent restoration consulting service is a process that helps them define the scope of work to be performed as a result of a covered loss. It is important to properly define the covered scope of work as it identifies the budget parameters and the schedule.

Indoor Air Quality & Engineering Controls – Element Building Sciences understands that building health can be a top priority. This is why they can also provide solutions after they determine the conditions within the space, some of which would include management of hazardous materials.

Environmental Health & Safety Training – At Element Building Sciences, they also have customized training programs that can assist their clients in developing a highly trained workforce and ensure a safe and compliant workplace, getting the most out of their investment.

Element Building Sciences have committed themselves to providing the best environmental & restoration consulting in Fort Collins, CO. They provide a wide array of services that are designed to protect their clients and show the best practices that will allow them to foster a safer work environment. Safety, savings, and sciences equal success when you work Element Building Sciences, so if you are interested in environmental & restoration consulting in Fort Collins, CO, be sure to give them a call at (720) 379-4750!